Zombies, Guns, Manliness

My brother passes along the following story with the admonition to “Stock up on shotgun shells, everybody — the zombie outbreak is upon us”:

Officials Confirm Meteorite But Question Sickness Claims,” Associated Press, 19 September 2007.

A fiery meteorite crashed into southern Peru over the weekend, experts confirmed Wednesday. But they were still puzzling over claims that it gave off fumes that sickened 200 people.

Jose Mechare, a scientist with Peru’s Geological, Mining and Metallurgical Institute, said a geologist had confirmed that it was a “rocky meteorite,” based on the fragments analyzed.

He said water in the meteorite’s muddy crater boiled for maybe 10 minutes from the heat and could have given off a vapor that sickened people, and scientists were taking water samples.

“We are not completely certain that there was no contamination,” Mechare said.

Jorge Lopez, director of the health department in the state where the meteorite crashed, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that 200 people suffered headaches, nausea and respiratory problems caused by “toxic” fumes emanating from the crater, which is some 65 feet wide and 15 feet deep.

Undoubtedly the headaches and nausea will give way to a strange gate and an unquenchable desire to “eat brains.” So stock up folks.