There Goes the Neighborhood

I’ve walked past the storefront remodel in progress. I’ve read the business license application postings. I’ve received the nearlybot direct messages on twitter (C., Donna, “Bliss Out(side) in Mt. Pleasant,” We Love DC, 12 June 2009). I’ve fretted about it in the past. But as of this afternoon Mount Pleasant crossed the line from gentrifying and marginal to fully yupped out. There’s fucking yoga in Lamont Park in Mount Pleasant.

Yoga in the triangle park in Mount Pleasant, Washington, D.C., 16 June 2009

Look at those SNAGs (I guess in the aught years they’re called metrosexuals) in the back rows — the better to check out the women’s bulging naughty bits as they assume genitally awkward positions. Leering Mexicans move it along. Leering is only allowed for those engaging in compensatory activities.

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