Lives Better Than Yours

  1. Lauren Weedman, who wrote for The Daily Show for a brief period, recounts her experience (“I Am So Funny,” The Stranger, vol. 17, no. 3, 26 September 2007):

    Stephanie suddenly looks sad.

    “I’m sorry I’m not laughing — it just takes a lot to make me laugh. It has to be like, hilarious, to make me laugh. I’m sure you’re really funny, but I’d just be careful with the ‘trying to be funny’ thing. Everyone has a really low tolerance for that around here. So, anyway, welcome!”

    Ya gotta imagine the competition around that office to be funny is pretty damn steep. I’ll bet none of the staff needs help working on their obliques at the gym.

  2. When an editor requested some modifications to a piece on a fantasy sexual encounter to make it seem more attainable to the average person, Audacia Ray replies (“My Naughty Adventures in Print,” Waking Vixen, 2 October 2007),

    Well, I do have to say that there’s probably not a lot about my life that is attainable to the average person …

    That’s a pretty heady boast, but her blog bears it out. The resultant article is here (“I Want…Double Penetration,” Time Out New York, no. 627, 4 October 2007) and not safe for work.